Vamos a la playa

I am finally back again! Sorry for the long break, but I didn't take a single picture which I could have posted. But last week I went to Spain because I participated a student exchange. Oh guys, it was heaven on earth. We had so much fun and did such cool things. Aaaand I finally got to see the sun again and took loads of pictures, be prepared for more posts soon! I already miss Spain and the people there so much, luckily they will visit us may too :)
Kisses Lena ♥


Be a girl with a mind. A bitch with an attitude. And a lady with class.

Already very old, but one of my favourite pictures.
Enjoy your evening,
xxx Lena ♥


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It has finally snowed here. I honestly can't explain how happy I am! Today I'm going to do some iceskating with friends, so I really am enjoying december. I hope you do too! Lena ♥




me an my little brother years ago in Løkken


summer memories in winter

I just found those pictures, which I took in summer this year. We stayed in Lübeck for a few weeks. It is such a sweet city, one of my favourites in Germany. If you can, you have to visit Lübeck. You will love it there!
Kisses Lena ♥


stop by soon

Dear snow,
please stop by soon. It would make everything so much more christmasy. Since I love christmas that would be amazing.
Hopefully see you soon,
Lena ♥